It belonged to Vivek.

Please cover yourself.

You must take advantage of the opportunity.

I want some answers and I want them now.


Parents are usually concerned about their children's future.

Two is the fourth root of sixteen.

We'll share.


Travis is doing all right.

Neil is really good.

Randall is pretty good at juggling, but Jisheng doesn't seem to be impressed.


Are you waiting for them?

I'm going to clean your bedroom today.

He didn't agree to my proposal.


That's pure BS!

What were you doing in that cave?

His car was blue. Her car was red.

We laughed at her.


We didn't understand anything you said.

Moore wants to wait.

Archie used to play second base for his high school's baseball team.

Hirotoshi advised Mohammad to go to see a doctor.


Is it nice?

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He is not angry anymore.

I'm about to eat.

I bribed them.

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Good job, my friend!

Eleven o'clock is good for me.

Where in Boston do you want to go?

Isn't that amazing?

Dan's car screeched to a stop.

Your name isn't familiar to me.

I heard the school bell ring.

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Tycho Brahe proved that comets were not just components of Earth's atmosphere, but actual objects traveling through space.

They were lying on the grass.

Griff couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.

Clayton won't come in.

The water from this river runs into the sea.

Don't let the children go out after dark.

These are serious problems. They shouldn't be swept under the carpet.


You have changed so much that I can hardly recognize you.

His conceited attitude makes me mad.

The use of new technology is attracting more costumers.


Tell me when you are through with your work.

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She wanted to be famous.


There wasn't even one book in the room.


The pillar tilted to the right and fell.


I hear that Tolerant Jackson is one of the best lawyers in Boston.


Next time, it's your turn.

I need somebody I can trust.

We had three airplanes.

You had better close the window.

In the winter, I like to sled down the small hill close to our home.


It's been a bad week for him.

I want to see them again.

That's ridiculous.


I just thought you might want to go skiing with us.

Why do you permit it?

I've known Lori his whole life.

I didn't say anything to hurt his feelings.

We don't have a solution.


Her hair is long and beautiful.

After her first date with Marlena, Linley was distracted all day, couldn't concentrate on her classes and didn't feel hungry.

I love you for who you are.

Shuvra set the alarm clock to go off 6:00 a.m.

If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

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Fourthly, my first three points do not exist.


I need you to take over.

Belinda enjoyed cycling.

One of those men is Hienz.

Personality is what makes individuals unique.

You owe me three dollars.

Needless to say, he is right.

She started talking as soon as she got through.


I came here to play soccer.

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I'd like to get back to work.

Did you hear that what's-his-face crashed his motorcycle?

A strict system of numerology is like a mental jail.

She snapped her fingers.

I have many issues with Keith's ideas, but the readability of his writing is worth learning from.

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I cannot manage without his support.

At the same time, he began to run.

Cathy doesn't trust a thing Markus says.

Every master has his own trick.

Panzer bought something for Alan.


You always have to be different.

You'll find one.

Finish reading the book.

This soup tastes like fish.

Let Wes do her job.


Without your help, I couldn't have ridden out that crisis.

When is the next full moon?

In the morning, we put away our futons.

Naim couldn't bribe Jem. However, he tried.

Please help yourself to the sweets.


I remember seeing him before.

This guy is really hot.

He studied hard so he wouldn't fail.

You buy us batteries.

We've missed the boat.

Rolf's mother worries about his cough.

Thanks for your contribution.

"Will they be open this early in the morning?" "They'll let me in on sight."

I shouldn't have brought it up.

I told you we should've waited for Shannon.

It would be great if we could do that together.

Being a wiry person, he is thin but still looks strong

I've never been late before.


I bent over to pick up my pen which had fallen on the floor.

Suwandi can't be under thirty.

It is funny that the mailman hasn't come yet.


Give me a call when you get a chance.

In sports, there is no room for failure.

She dialed the wrong number.


How can we find a house painter whom we can rely on?


Reading is one of life's great pleasures.

What else do you want me to do?

I don't have a single enemy.

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We are going to blow this place up.

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Mosur is in her late twenties.


I'm tired of its being me all the time.

Feel free to take this.

I really do need your help.


Rotten wood cannot be carved; walls of dung cannot be worked with a trowel.

He is lying on the sofa.

You're comparing apples and oranges!

I feel ill at ease with her.

Angela cries every time he hears this song.

Now the school has a boy from England.

Holly would've liked it.

I have no pen to write my letter with.

She's not stronger than me.


What are you trying to do here?

As soon as he went to bed, he fell fast asleep, for he was very tired.

I let Lori sleep until noon.

We've made a lot of improvements today.

Daffodils are a common cause of dermatitis amongst florists, with daffodil sap provoking symptoms such as redness and dry, scaly skin.

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Who says I'm afraid of Trying?

Whose wine is this?

It's hot today, isn't it?


I never want for a boyfriend.

It is the business of the politician, the "science of politics", to make you believe that the law protects you and your interests, when it merely serves to keep up the system which robs, dupes, and enslaves you in body and mind.

That's exactly what I'm suggesting.

Deb is carrying some chairs.

Gregory doesn't play golf.

Daniel began to suspect something wasn't quite right.

Milk doesn't mix with water.

Who knows Hu Jintao's birthday?

Erick isn't doing so well.

You are a good man.

There wasn't anyone in the park.

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Did you eat at home before you came here?

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These are tears of joy.

In Edwin's garden is a charming wood cabin.

I have a package here for Andries.


We have been having awful weather.


She reported the news.

Philosophy is not a thing one can learn in six months.

Steven and Suresh talked about the war.